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Course Content:
  • [free]
    Getting Into Leadwerks C++
  • [free]
    Crash Course
  • Template Project
  • Template Project Code [main.cpp]
  • [free]
    Subject: path-finding & ray-casting
  • AI Path-finding, Camera Ray & Object Ray Casting
  • [free]
    Subject: Picking Up Objects
  • Objects Pick Up: Method 1
  • Objects Pick Up: Method 2
  • Objects Pick Up: Method 2: Fixes and Limits
  • Transparent Objects
  • [free]
    Subject: Object Creation
  • Object Creation: Modeling the Prop
  • Object Creation: Prop Rigging and Animation
  • Object Creation: Class, Instancing and Deployment
  • Object Creation: Interacting with Object
  • Object Creation: Prop Texturing
  • Object Creation: Prop Texturing #2
  • [free]
    Tips and Tricks

In this course you will learn how to Operate the Leadwerks Engine using the Level Editor and C++